Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my Thursday chat, you obviously have a good idea of what your New Year's resolution should be.

You can read the entire hour of power here.

But here are some highlights.

Michael (Salt Lake City) Do you think Brian Johnson (Utah OC and Utah legend) will get canned if things do turn around on Offense next year?

Ted Miller (3:00 PM) Maybe if things are a complete disaster, but the coordination wasn't the prime problem with the Utes offense. It was QB issues and the across-the-board talent.

Alex (Los Angeles) UCLA's schedule is way tougher next year.... I know early favorites to win South, but do they have a solid chance at Rose Bowl?

Ted Miller (3:02 PM) A tough schedule is an opportunity! Things such as playing at Nebraska don't touch Rose Bowl chances. If the Bruins win the South, they'd have a puncher's shot at the Rose Bowl in the Pac-12 title game. And I see them as the South favorite, though Arizona State and USC are right there too.

Collin (The Bay) Were the Cougs really that bad this year or was it the so called "Transition year" needed in order to take the next step?

Ted Miller (3:04 PM) I think the Cougs talent was better than their 3-9 record, though injuries were an issue. That would suggest that it was a transition year, with players needing time to get used to Leach, his staff and his schemes. It will be interesting to see how things go next year. This is still a team with a lot of issues, some of which aren't easy to solve in one year.

Andy (Phoenix, AZ) Who had the better first year? Rich Rod or Graham?

Ted Miller (3:05 PM) Both had good years. But ASU won the Territorial Cup and finished 5-4 in Pac-12 play, compared to 4-5 for Rich Rod, so I'd say Graham.

Ty (Seattle) Who's starting at USC next year, Wittek or highly hyped player of the year Max Browne?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM) I'd guess Wittek... I go with the more known quantity.

Sam (P-Town) Who's Oregon's go to RB next year? DAT or Byron Marshall?

Ted Miller (3:09 PM) I think one of the touted incoming freshmen will be in the mix. Marshall will get first chance. De'Anthony Thomas will get touches, but he's likely to remain a hybrid player as a RB/WR.

Chris (LaLaLand) Do you think the Pac 12 president regret not taking the Okie schools? A deal with Directv would more than likely have been done.

Ted Miller (3:14 PM) Okie schools and Texas as a forced tag-a-long.. yes, I do think it was a mistake. Not sure the Pac-12 presidents are in complete grips of the coming changes. It's as if once Larry Scott got them a big TV check, they stuck their heads back into the sand, as they had during Tom Hansen's tenure.

John (Cali) What kind of year will you expect from Cal next year? Slow recovery or is all the talent on the roster going to turn around quickly?

Ted Miller (3:17 PM) Well if Dykes can work magic at QB, it might not be that slow. There's enough talent on hand to get back to .500 at least. Some of the touted defensive recruits need to step up and match their touts.

Donald (Eugene) Since he doesn't talk about such things; how are the NFL beat writers so certian Chip Kelly will be in the NFL next year?

Ted Miller (3:19 PM) There's a strong undercurrent of mutual interest. If Kelly wanted the rumors to die down, he could simply say: "I will be the coach at Oregon next year if they'll have me. I don't want to coach in the NFL next year. I want to coach only Oregon."

qqqquackkkk (portland) If you got to pick any two teams to play in the Miller Bowl this year, who do you pick?

Ted Miller (3:23 PM) Oregon and Alabama.

Zach (Phoenix) J. Scroggins (former USC QB) is he the starter in Tucson next year?

Ted Miller (3:29 PM) Maybe... but I was fairly impressed with Denker. Scroggins has some catching up to do.

Kristen (SF) Who do you see entering the 2013 draft from Stanford? Who SHOULD enter the draft and who should stay for another year in your opinion?

Ted Miller (3:33 PM) I don't like to say "should," because it's a personal decision, and a Stanford degree adds another level. It's a valuable slip of paper. Not sure if anyone is a NFL certainty, or if he can improve his stock with another year. I think the guy who has a tough choice is Skov, who could boost his stock with a big senior season. He could win the Butkus.

Gowazzu02 (killing time at the office) Is Sark on the hot seat for failing to win 8 games again?

Ted Miller (3:34 PM) His seat is a lot more uncomfortable than it would have been if he'd won his final two games. Another 7-6 year wouldn't bode well. But I suspect the Huskies make a move next year, something like 9 wins, national ranking.

Hank Moody (Salt Lake) 5 years down the road...which tier will Utah consistently finish in the Pac-12?

Ted Miller (3:35 PM) I think Utah plays its way into the middle, which means some years it's a threat for the top-third. And every so often magic happens and the Utes win the division, which means a shot at the Rose Bowl.

Engineer Mike (Switzerland) Assume we had the playoffs this year, what other two teams would be in the final four?

Ted Miller (3:37 PM) Alabama, Notre Dame and Florida would be certain. The question is how to handle the Oregon-Stanford issue. It would be hard to deny the sight test with Oregon, but Stanford won at Oregon. I think a committee would take the Ducks, but it would be controversial.

VP Marketing - Pac12 Network (Walnut Creek, CA) Ted, best view from a Pac 12 football venue:a) Lake Washington - Husky Stadiumb) Golden Gate Bridge/downtown SF - Memorial Stadiumc) The Flatirons - Folsom Fieldd) San Gabriel Mts - Rose Bowle) other

Ted Miller (3:42 PM) that's a great lineup.... There's nothing like the Rose Bowl for the Rose Bowl. It's one of the great environments in sports. I suspect once the renovated Husky Stadium is up, it's going to be considered the most scenic venue in college football. It's got the lake and the snow-capped mountains.

Weez (An Office near Boulder) Colorado's awful season. Was it talent or coaching?

Ted Miller (3:46 PM) I think it was far more about talent than coaching, but I've read intelligent criticism of the coaching. When you're losing, though, it's easy to find coaching shortcomings that seem reasonable but only after the fact. Embree was a first-time head coach, so there was certain to be some learning as he went along. He had a lot of quality guys on his staff. Sometimes things just don't work out.

Dan (Utah) Your thoughts about the likelihood of Mora staying for multiple years at UCLA?

Ted Miller (3:48 PM) Solid... it's always hard to say, as a guy's thinking might change or he might get a great offer. Mora frequently harps on how much he now prefers coaching in college compared to the NFL. And he's a West Coast guy. Now, what if Georgia came calling with $5 million a year? Is that something that might appeal to him? Hard to say. But my feeling is Mora likes his present situation.

Andrew (LA) [via mobile] And what about Oregon States chances for the rose bowl?

Ted Miller (3:56 PM) Oregon State has the same problem as everyone else right now: Oregon and Stanford at the top of the North. I think the Beavers will be better next year than this year, which pushes them toward the top 10. But can they pass the Ducks and Cardinal, who are both top-10 teams? It would help the Beavers, of course, if Chip Kelly bolts town for the NFL.