Pac-12 chat wrap

I must say, yesterday's chat was by far the best Pac-12 chat of the year. You can read the whole thing here or catch the highlights.

Tim Gray (Palo Alto): Does Stanford finish in the top 5 in the BCS standings?

Kevin Gemmell (2:03 PM): Very good possibility. Depends if folks are able to look past the non-cosmetic victory. If they understand that's just how Stanford is built, they should finish in the top 5.

JR (Houston): Kevin don't be a sore loser, let me hear you say it..2013: Big 12 > Pac 12Baylor WRECKED your south champion and Texas (on an off year) bested your Cinderella team. Even your northern champion had a tough time beating mediocre 8-6 Wisconsin. But hey don't feel bad, at least ya'll are still ahead of the ACC..

Kevin Gemmell (2:04 PM): No sore loser here. Baylor brought it. UCLA didn't. Horrible, horrible performance by the Bruins. UCLA and Oregon State made the Big 12 defenses look like the '85 Bears. Great showing by Baylor and Texas. Poor showing from the Pac-12 teams.

biggeazy206, middle earth [via mobile]: How sick will the PAC 12 North be next season? Toughest division in CFB?

Kevin Gemmell (2:05 PM): Potentially. If Stanford can rebuild again (and let's start assuming they will), plus with all that Oregon brings back, an Oregon State team trending up, Washington is hopefully tougher, Washington State should show some improvement and we'll see what Dykes can do at Cal. Very tough division.

Don (Berkeley, CA): Will David Shaw lose at least one of his top assistants during the offseason?

Kevin Gemmell (2:11 PM): Maybe -- but it will have to be for a head coaching job or an NFL assistant job. I don't see either Pep Hamilton or Derek Mason making a lateral move within college football.

BHollandz (Next to The Burrito Stadium): Why didn't Coach Riley make the adjustment against Texas to get Kelly help blocking Okafor? Also why did he abandon the run the 2nd half?

Kevin Gemmell (2:12 PM): As questionable as staying with Vaz was, that's what shocked me most. No max protect, no running back chipping on Okafor. No extra tight end to help block. Schematically, it was a bad showing.

drake [via mobile]: Kevin people are already writing off Arizona for the south, but we return an all American a great oline and tremendous WR's. Which will all make the new QB's job easier and we return the whole defense and add depth. Too early to write off the Cats

Kevin Gemmell (2:13 PM): I'm not writing anyone off in the South. It's going to be the wild-freaking-west. Right now I see four teams that could win it.

Angelique (Pasadena): Which team will show the most improvement next season: UCLA or USC?

Kevin Gemmell (2:14 PM): Probably the Bruins. Hundley will be another year older. I think there are four offensive linemen back (Baca is the only one gone ... I think) and some of the young WRs will have gotten good experience. Finding a replacement for Franklin will be tough. Expect a by-committee approach for at least the first few weeks.

Gowazzu02 (Sark 0-1 V Leach): Who is next year's Oregon State? OSU despite their terrible bowl loss had a heck of a year following a 3-9 season.

Kevin Gemmell (2:15 PM): Not to get GoooooooooBears hopes up, but I think Cal has plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. If they take to the scheme, I could see a quick turnaround.

Optimistic Bear Fan (Bronx, NY): Sneaking in a question here on my prep period. Do you think Cal has a chance to retain Sonny D if he has success in Berkeley?

Kevin Gemmell (2:20 PM): I'm going to tell you a quick story. When Chuck Long was hired as the head coach at San Diego State, a competing newspaper wrote a story that "big time" programs could come knocking. He was the OC at Oklahoma and had a "name." He tanked, horribly. The lesson here is let the guy coach a bit before you start worry about losing him.

Tim (San Diego, CA): The annual Chip Kelly to the NFL talks are an inevitable offseason storyline. What type of situation is he waiting for? What NFL team would you guess he goes to?

Kevin Gemmell (2:35 PM): I think a team where he has some personnel control. Also, he needs an owner/GM who are going to give him the freedom he needs to do things his way. It might go against the grain of NFL thinking and it's not always easy for GMs to allow that. It has to be the right fit. But it could work.

Gecko (Fudge Texas.): Which is better: An 8 team playoff (all at-large), or a 16 team playoff (11 conference champs and 5 at large)?

Kevin Gemmell (2:41 PM): I think eight teams is enough. If you're No. 9, too bad.

Ray (Denver): Who is the better coach, Shaw or CK?

Kevin Gemmell (2:47 PM): Interesting question. Different coaches. Different philosophies. Different approaches. Different styles. I don't think Shaw would be a good coach at Oregon and I don't think Chip would be a good coach at Stanford. Both are great for what they do and where they do it.

Weez (An Office near Boulder): MacIntyre's staff at Colorado will be announced in the next day or so. The rumor is it will mainly be his SJSU assistants. With the assistant pool $ he was given should he have looked more outside?

Kevin Gemmell (2:57 PM): Not if he trusts his guys. It wasn't just him that rebuilt San Jose State. If those are his guys, he should bring them with him.