What we learned in the Pac-10: Week 11

What did we learn from week 11 of Pac-10 action?

1. The Pac-10 won't get two BCS bowl berths. Again: While a strong argument can be made that the Pac-10 is the nation's deepest conference, that and two bucks will get you a venti drip at Starbucks. USC had the only legitimate shot of playing its way into an at-large berth but Stanford poleaxed that notion. Hey, who needs an extra $4.5 million? Money isn't everything! It's much better to play a nine-game round robin schedule and hope people appreciate your specialness.

2. The Trojan colossus has fallen: While no one outside of the Pac-10 has managed to beat USC, the Pac-10 has delivered a knockout blow to college football's premier program. It's one thing for USC to lose on the road. It's another thing for USC to lose badly on the road. But to deliver a beatdown like Stanford did in the Coliseum? Golly. The most reasonable scenario has USC going to the Sun Bowl. The Sun Bowl! (Good for the Sun Bowl, if it happens, nicest folks in the bowl business). Maybe some of those ADs in other BCS conferences who have been hiding behind their desks when USC called for a game will suddenly become braver. Naaaa. That won't happen.

3. Oregon State's Sean Canfield will be the All-Pac-10 quarterback: Canfield -- Mr. 70 percent -- completed 21 of 29 passes for 185 yards in the Beavers 48-21 win over Washington, and four of those completions went for touchdowns. He leads the Pac-10 in passing yards per game and is tied for the lead with 17 touchdowns passes. Just one of his five interceptions this season came in the past five games.

4. Seeeeee! Cal doesn't stink! Told you! For those of us who touted California in the preseason as a potential Pac-10 champion -- and then looked ridiculous when the Bears threw up on themselves -- please allow us a moment to feel like the team that beat Arizona was the one we expected to see in 2009, particularly on defense. Know what would make the season in Berkeley, though? Wiping the huge smile off of Stanford's face in the Big Game on Saturday.

5. Arizona and Nick Foles take a step back: Foles and the Wildcats offense have been rolling up big numbers with admirable efficiency. It looked like they would have a big day against Cal's struggling pass defense, which ranks near the bottom of the Pac-10 in yards surrendered and efficiency. Didn't happen, and now Arizona has lost its margin for error if it hopes to play in its first Rose Bowl. Foles and Arizona can redeem themselves with a win over the Ducks, but the performance at Cal casts into doubt whether they are up to the challenge.