Pac-12 draft primer

After all that mocking, the NFL gets around to beginning its real, live draft tonight at 8 p.m. ET (ESPN, NFL Network).

As usual, the Pac-12 should be well-represented in the first round and throughout. As Kevin pointed out this week, as many as nine conference players are prospects for the first round.

Here's Todd McShay's Mock Draft 6.0Insider:

The there's Mel Kiper Jr.'s latest Mock DraftInsider:

And don't completely count out USC quarterback Matt Barkley or California receiver Keenan Allen. Remember: It takes just one GM to fall in love with a guy.

Also, here's an interactive versionInsider of Kiper's mock draft.

Here's a complete seven-round Mock DraftInsider, where former Washington State receiver Marquess Wilson is the last conference player off the board with the 12th pick of the final round -- No. 218 overall.

Of course, there are a lot of mock drafts out there. Here are a few to consider before things get real.