Podcast: Bohn's firing; SEC scheduling

You should check out Ivan Maisel's college football podcast here, mostly because you can hear my mellifluous voice talking about the firing of Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn -- why it happened and what's next.

And, yes, I have a summer cold, presented to me with much pageantry by my 4-year old -- "Ahhhhh choooo!" -- who thinks he's batman but really is germ man.

Further, SEC blogger Chris Low, who's suffering on the white beaches of Destin, Fla., while covering the SEC meetings, reports that his conference is eventually headed to a nine-game conference schedule -- "nine games in the conference is coming," Low says.

On one hand, that pleases me, as it addresses a long-held Pac-12 peeve. On the other, it provides me one less thing to gripe about, which fills me with longing.