Case closed: Neuheisel timeout vs. Carroll bomb

The mailbox is full of USC fans telling me I was wrong, wrong, wrong for taking issue with coach Pete Carroll's late touchdown bomb against UCLA.

Some were quite colorful!

Ryan from Orange County writes: You neglected to mention in your "USC rubs it in against UCLA" piece that that the provocation for the late bomb was Slick Rick calling a timeout as USC tried to peaceably end the game taking a knee. You will never graduate passed being a two-bit journalist if you can't learn to be more objective and report ALL of the facts.

Ted Miller: "Peaceably"!

Jeff from Morgan Hill, California writes: Ted, please read Bill Plaschke's article in Sunday's LA Times, he got it right, you got it wrong. Did you watch the game? SC took a knee to end the game. Neuheisel called a time out, he wanted to keep playing, so SC played on. Pretty clear to anyone who watched, Neuheisel acted like a punk and then got punked. For someone that enjoys a good literary reference in his column, I would have thought that you would have immediately recognized the poetic justice of it all. I enjoy your blog, but you got this one wrong.

Ted Miller: Oh, fine. Throw Plaschke, the best newspaper columnist in the country, in my face. Like that's fair!

Dan from Seattle writes: You're a joke of a sportswriter you claim to be. Thank god the PI is no longer around.Did you even watch the end of the USC UCLA game? Nice to leave out Neuheisel's timeout.

Ted Miller: I'm here to amuse.

I was actually a bit surprised by this.

Rick Neuheisel's timeout as provocation? Wow. I don't see it. Every good coach in America would have called timeout. It's Coaching 101.

But fortunately I'm not going to quibble. This column from T.J. Simers is a work of art. It's funny as hell and he nails it.

All future notes on the matter should be directed to Simers.