Pac-12 recruiting: Depth but not elite

Pac-12 recruiting following the 2013 season was much like the season itself: Lots of quality depth, but no elite results.

Despite still being yoked by the final year of NCAA recruiting sanctions, USC was the unanimous choice for the Pac-12's top class, though the Trojans ranked no better than 10th with any of the major recruiting services. Still, with just 19 commitments, the Trojans surged with the smallest class in the ESPN.com top-15.

It was a matter of quality for USC, as well as notching four big commitments on national signing day.

Stanford finished second in the conference behind USC and 15th in the nation. The Cardinal again was very strong on the lines.

After those two, there was some fluidity.

Arizona State, UCLA, Oregon and Arizona were the next four in the class rankings, though their positions varied, both nationally and in the Pac-12. All four, generally, were ranked within or near the top-25.

After those six, Washington was a consensus pick for the No. 7 class in the conference, with first-year coach Chris Petersen rallying for a few late commitments, and California was a consensus No. 8.

Washington State, Oregon State and Utah fell in thereafter, with Colorado ranking last among three of the four major recruiting services.

Here are how things stacked up.

ESPN.com (Click the team to see the class)

14. USC

15. Stanford

21. Arizona State

23. Arizona

26. UCLA

27. Oregon

45. Washington

46. California

61. Washington State

64. Utah

67. Oregon State

71. Colorado


10. USC

16. Arizona State

18. Stanford

20. UCLA

22. Oregon

30. Arizona

36. Washington

43. California

48. Oregon State

59. Washington State

68. Utah

71. Colorado


10. USC

14. Stanford

18. UCLA

22. Arizona State

26. Oregon

28. Arizona

36. Washington

45. California

49. Oregon State

64. Colorado

68. Utah

71. Washington State


11. USC

13. Stanford

19. UCLA

21. Oregon

23. Arizona State

31. Arizona

37. Washington

48. California

61. Oregon State

63. Utah

65. Washington State

77. Colorado