Poll: Best Pac-12 student sections

On Monday, the Pac-12 blog ranked student sections. It was, well, a bit controversial, mostly because the No. 1 student section -- Arizona -- was featured in a story about … sagging attendance. A nice photo of a near-empty Arizona student section came with the story.


Well, here's your chance to be just like the Pac-12 blog and rank the Pac-12 student sections. Isn't that special?

Unfortunately, our poll tool on the blog doesn't allow for 12 choices. So if you don't like our top four, you can always go with "other."

You might say: But I've never sat in any other student section than my own team's. Hey, that didn't stop the Pac-12 blog from ranking student sections -- why should that stop you?

Your choices?

First there's our pick, Arizona, which, despite the story, has over the past several years had a consistently strong and vocal student section. I've covered several games there -- most notably against Oregon in 2009, Iowa in 2010 and Oklahoma State in 2012 -- when the place was going bonkers.

Then there's the Wildcats top rival, Arizona State. For some reason, it seemed Sun Devils fans were most unhappy with Arizona getting the nod. No idea why.

Oregon has the loudest and most consistently overflowing stadium in the Pac-12, and its students are not known for making Emily Post proud during games. So the Ducks are a viable option, even if their student section is relatively smaller.

Finally, there's the MUSS at Utah. The Utes don't play in the biggest stadium, but the MUSS is pretty darn good at making opponents miserable.

What about the other eight teams? Feel free to vote for "other" and state your case in the comments section, or in my mailbox, if you feel so motivated.