What you might, might not hear at Pac-10 Media Day

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

As previously posted, here's the schedule today:

9:35 a.m. -- Tyrone Willingham/QB Jake Locker -- Washington
9:50 a.m. -- Jim Harbaugh/C Alex Fletcher -- Stanford
10:05 a.m. -- Paul Wulff/FL Brandon Gibson -- Washington State
10:20 am -- Jeff Tedford/C Alex Mack -- California
10:35 a.m. -- Mike Stoops/QB Willie Tuitama -- Arizona
10:50 a.m. -- Mike Bellotti/ROV Patrick Chung -- Oregon
11:05 a.m. -- Break
11:15 a.m. -- Rick Neuheisel/DT Brigham Harwell -- UCLA
11:30 a.m. -- Mike Riley/CB Brandon Hughes -- Oregon State
11:45 a.m. -- Dennis Erickson/QB Rudy Carpenter -- Arizona State
Noon -- Pete Carroll/SLB Brian Cushing -- USC

I'm going to try to update the blog after every coach, but that might be a bit ambitious.

Here are some of the BIG questions for each team.

  • Washington: 1. Pressure with win-now season?; 2. How's C Juan Garcia's foot?; 3. Will QB Jake Locker be used as much as a runner this season?; 4. Who's going to step up on a rebuilding defense?

  • Stanford: 1. Will injured OT Allen Smith and TE Jim Dray play this season?; 2. Who's your QB?

  • Washington State: 1. What's the status of troubled DL Andy Roof?; 2. Is QB Gary Rogers a good fit for your no-huddle, spread offense?

  • California: 1. Who's your QB, Nate Longshore or Kevin Riley?; 2. What's your feeling on the Tree Sitters?; 3. Why did everything fall apart so badly over the second half of last season?

  • Arizona: 1. Pressure with a win-now season?; 2. What's DE Johnathan Turner's status?; 3. Who's going to step up on a rebuilt defense?

  • Oregon: 1. Is Nate Costa your QB?; 2. Are RB Jeremiah Johnson, LB John Bacon and LB Jerome Boyd healthy?; 3. What's the pecking order at WR behind Jaison Williams?

  • UCLA: 1. How's it feel to be back in the Pac-10?; 2. What's up with your beleaguered offensive line?; 3. Can QB Ben Olson lead this offense?

  • Oregon State: 1. What's the status of touted DE transfer Simi Kuli?; 2. How's OG Jeremy Perry's leg?; 3. Who's your QB?; 4. Is it really just reload on defense with eight 2007 starters gone?

  • Arizona State: 1. Will your offensive line hold up?; 2. Who's your TE?; 3. Are you worried about the players looking ahead to the Georgia game?

  • USC: 1. Is Mark Sanchez a certainty at QB?; 2. What's the pecking order at RB and WR?; 3. Does replacing four starters on the OL concern you?; 4. Will your defense be as good as last year?; 5. Are the Reggie Bush/O.J. Mayo investigations distractions and/or concerns?

And here are...

Top 10 things you won't hear at Pac-10 Media Day

10. I've been silly about closing practices, considering all the best teams in the Pac-10 have open practices. -- Washington's Tyrone Willingham.

9. Anyone want to bet we reach a bowl game? -- UCLA's Rick Neuheisel

8. We going to miss Louis Holmes on defense, but we're really going to miss his leadership. -- Arizona Mike Stoops

7. I have no comment. I hate you guys. -- Oregon State's Mike Riley.

6. My trip to Napa with the Neuheisels? Oh, it was great fun. Beat him in golf for the first time. Then, get this, I hung up the scorecard in the club house and started chanting, "Scoreboard!" It was rich. -- Oregon's Mike Bellotti.

5. I'm feeling guilty. I'm going back to Idaho. -- Arizona State's Dennis Erickson.

4. How do I sell Washington State? I tell recruits it's just like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix and Seattle except without all the stuff. -- Washington State's Paul Wulff.

3. Jeff Tedford will not attend today. He's joined the Tree Sitters in the oaks outside Memorial Stadium -- A release from the California football offices.

2. Gosh, I'm depressed. And sleepy (Zzzzzzzzzz). -- USC's Pete Carroll.

1. USC, USC, USC... blaa blaa blaa... We're going to kick the pooh out of them again -- Stanford's Jim Harbaugh