Best Pac-12 stadium entrances

If you are a college football fan, you love your team and you love the moment it runs onto the field inside your beloved stadium. It's a moment filled with frenzy, excitement and hope. It's the only moment of the game when you are absolutely guaranteed something worthy to cheer for.

And, unfortunately, you are not qualified to objectively judge how cool your team's entrance is. Sorry. You are biased.

We are not. We are stone-cold objective. We are eggheaded employers of pure science. We used advance analytics, HUGE super-computers and a Zeus' personal "Super-Awesome Thinking Cap" to make the following list of best stadium entrances in the Pac-12.

But feel free to disagree.

6. UCLA: The improved quality of play under Jim Mora has made the Rose Bowl again a true home-field advantage, but what caught our eye about the Bruins is the new entrance videos. The roaring contest with Oski was particularly amusing.

5. Washington: Husky Stadium has always been one of college football's great atmospheres, and the renovation of the stadium was nothing short of spectacular. Further, the place is very, very loud. You've got a downhill tunnel, the siren going off and a crowd going nuts. Great entrance.

4. Arizona State: The Sun Devils put on the best set piece of anyone, starting with Sparky beaming down from the sun, swaggering through Phoenix with a dust storm behind him and then stomping the opposing team's bus. The team then takes the field with plenty of pyrotechnic support. It helps that quality play under Todd Graham has helped fill the stadium up before kickoff.

3. Oregon: While it lacks size, Autzen Stadium is the most consistently intense venue in the Pac-12. With Oregon moving from nouveau riche to established national power, the Duck mascot riding a motorcycle ahead of the Ducks running onto the field is on the cusp of earning its "Iconic Image" credential, college football section.

2. USC: The Trojans are the Pac-12's clear leader in pageantry, a program whose traditions are readily identifiable across the country. From the band and music to Traveler, to Tommy Trojan stabbing the field, USC's pregame traditions are part of the historical tapestry of the game itself. And when the Trojans emerge from their downhill tunnel onto the field of the Coliseum, it's pretty darn cool.

1. Colorado: Look, I know Colorado has been down since joining the Pac-12, but it's possible its entrance at Folsom Field is the best entrance in all of college football. Why? Why! If you asked that question it's because you haven't seen the Buffaloes' entrance. Colorado tops this list because the team runs out behind a real, live 1,300 pound -- plus or minus -- Buffalo that can reach speeds of 25 mph. Not only is it awesome to watch, there's always just a little bit of the ole potential NASCAR wreck to it. Ralphie often has a mind of her own, and more than a few folks have ended up on the turf -- including her handlers -- while she made her mad dash. Ask Fox reporter Jim Knox (search for it on YouTube). Here's an official look.