Pac-10 hires former Big 12 commissioner

The Pac-10 announced Monday hired former Big 12 commissioner and Big Ten executive Kevin Weiberg as deputy commissioner and chief operating officer. The release states:

Weiberg, who will start April 12, is currently chief executive officer of iHoops, a joint venture between the NCAA and NBA, formed to develop a structure and programs to improve the quality of youth basketball in America.

Prior to iHoops, Weiberg served as vice president of university planning and development for the Big Ten Network, expanding the range and scope of network programming, during early stages of its development. In addition, he served as deputy commissioner of the Big Ten Conference under Jim Delany, from 1989 to 1998, and was instrumental in the integration of Penn State into the conference.

Weiberg served as commissioner of the Big 12 Conference from 1998 to 2007, overseeing its transformation into one of the most competitive and financially successful conferences in the country. Revenues doubled during his tenure.

Note three things: 1. Weiberg knows expansion. 2. Weiberg knows setting up a conference TV network. 3. Weiberg knows what increasing revenue looks like.

Hmm. Does that sound like something the Pac-10 might be interested in?

A little "yes"and a little "maybe."

Good hire.

Here's an interesting article about Weiberg's decision to leave the Big 12 in 2007.