Oregon State's quarterback Saturday will be ...

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

... either Lyle Moevao or Sean Canfield.

Sorry about that.

It appears my journalist brethren presently located in and around the Corvallis area took Thanksgiving off. Losers!

And it appears it may not have mattered if they'd taken a gander at the Beavers workout on T-Day anyway.

After saying Tuesday that he'd decide by Wednesday, it appears Beavers coach Mike Riley is keeping his cards close to his chest. Something may slip out today -- not like the Ducks could massively change their game plan on Friday -- but this may end up being a game-time decision.

This from The Oregonian's Paul Buker on Wednesday:

"Oregon State sports information assistant Jason Amberg, who I now owe a six-pack, said he monitored Wednesday's practice and he thought that Lyle Moevao and Sean Canfield divided the reps equally. I don't have a direct quote from coach Riley, but I'm assuming that means we don't have an 'official' starter as of yet. But really, if coach is consistent, and Moevao is healthy, I can see where this is going."

That last sentence suggests Buker believes Moevao to be the man if he proves he's healthy throughout the week. Sounds like an educated guess to me.

If we hear more, we'll update you ... unless we're eating a turkey and cranberry sandwich.

Anyone else gain 10 pounds this time of year?