Sark attack? Sarkisian next Washington coach

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

ESPN.com's Joe Schad is reporting that USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian is the next Washington coach.

Here's one story out of Seattle on the apparent hire. And another. A third.

Interesting move. Not a big-ticket, big-splash hire.

Sarkisian has no head-coaching experience. Some USC fans have questioned the Trojans' offense the past couple of seasons.

On the other hand, he's 34 -- all hail youth! -- respected and energetic, and his USC pedigree under Pete Carroll should count for something.

The larger question: What will his staff look like?

If he fills out his staff with an impressive mix of youth and experience, with A-list recruiters and prime Xs and Os guys, then this is a great hire for Washington.

We shall see.

As for Sarkisian's end of things, here are his quotes, e-mailed to reporters Thursday night:

"Not as of now. Contact has been made. I'm honored to be a candidate. But right now, my focus is on the UCLA game Saturday.

"I have interviewed with Washington. They've interviewed a lot of people. I'm one of a number of candidates, which I'm honored to be. Nothing is finalized in any way, shape or form. There's been some communication. Nothing has been put in writing.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm a candidate and honored to be. As of right now, Thursday night, I'm getting ready for Saturday. That's ESPN's report, not Washington's or mine. It comes with the territory -- job openings and speculation. The key is to focus on the job Saturday and not this conversation.

"I have not been offered the job. The interview went well, learning about each other. I've always been patient regarding head-coaching opportunities. I assess each separately. They interview me, and I assess the job as well, like I did with the Oakland job. It's a process. Neither party wants to rush into it.

"We're still playing. We're playing for the conference championship on Saturday. That's my focus.

"Nothing is set up tonight to talk to them.

"Maybe ESPN knows more than I know. Maybe that'll be good news. My focus is our game this week.

"I wouldn't accept it before our game Saturday. The focus is on the game Saturday.

"Pete [Carroll] understands the situation and is on the same page."