Pac-10 media day players

Pac-10 media "day" is going fancy pants this year, with a stopover in New York City July 27, the ESPN offices in Bristol, Conn., the next day and, finally, concluding in the Rose Bowl on July 29.

One tradition continues, though. Each team will bring a player to talk to reporters.

This is either a team's biggest star or a senior whom the head coach believes deserves special recognition. Sports information directors also often advise coaches to pick a player who can handle with aplomb the relentless and often redundant questioning.

His this year's list. You can see the complete schedule here.


QB Nick Foles

Arizona State

K Thomas Weber


LB Mike Mohamed


DT Brandon Bair

Oregon State

RB Jacquizz Rodgers


FB Owen Marecic


FS Rahim Moore


QB Matt Barkley


LB Mason Foster

Washington State

DE Kevin Kooyman