On stage ... Arizona

PASADENA, Calif. -- Some quick hits from media day.

  • Coach Mike Stoops with quarterback Nick Foles. Arizona was picked fifth in the media poll after finishing tied for second in 2009.

  • Said Stoops: "It's nice to be a little later in the afternoon here." Teams appear on stage in reverse order of conference finish the previous season.

  • Stoops: "The ability to mature defensively will be key."

  • Stoops on replacing three linebackers: "We feel like we have some talented players."

  • Stoops on wide receiver Juron Criner: "He has to be the beast of a receiver outside."

  • Stoops: "We're not as deep a team as a year ago but I think we're a better team."

  • Foles on being the starter from Week 1 after taking the job in Week 4 in 2009: "The big thing it changes is confidence in the offseason ... I just feel a lot more comfortable going into the season."

  • Stoops on possibly playing his brother, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops: "That's not something we'd ever want to do purposefully ... but sometimes it's inevitable ... hopefully we could play him in the Rose Bowl or national championship game."