Just ignore the big screen

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It's hard to explain how impressive the world's biggest video screen is. You know how some folks say, "You had to be there." Well, you have to be here to really understand its ... awesomeness.

Know how players like to watch themselves during games? Know how I mentioned the video screen? See where I'm going with this?

I'm guessing coach Mike Riley might have mentioned to his players not to get mesmerized by the screen. You know -- look up at yourself during a play. That sort of distraction might lead to a miscue.

Of course, some players say they look up to see if any defenders are behind or around them, so it can be an aid.

There are actually four screens. The two big ones face the sidelines. The smaller ones -- you know, normal sized -- face the endzones.

If you are watching at home, and you see a player looking up and to his right or left, he's checking out the big video screens.

That might prove harmless. Might mean nothing in the game. But it's definitely something different for these players to manage.

I'm sitting in the press box about to watch a live game, and I suspect most of my attention will be on the video screen ... its magnetism is just so ... magnetic.

Where's the remote, though, I want to check out the BYU-Washington game?

Wonder if that thing would fit in my living room.