Oregon gets respect

Oregon left no doubters in Knoxville. Here's how Tennessee coach Derek Dooley started his postgame comments.

"They have a great football team,'' Dooley said. "They have a great coaching staff and they've got a lot of class; I'm impressed with everything about them.''

And there's this from Volunteers linebacker Nick Reveiz.

"They're a great team and they beat our butts," Reveiz said. "Completely dismantled us."

You can read more comments here, but I picked out some highlights.

Derek Dooley

What allowed Oregon to make more big plays in the second half?

"That's what they do. In their long run, I think we had six missed tackles. We said that's one of the keys here. What they do is they wear on you, they get you tired, you don't line up right or you don't have the right eye control or you miss tackles. They've got special enough players to make you pay when they do that. And they did with the two big plays -- the long run and the pick-six. Next thing you know, you're on your heels, and that's what happened. The long run should never happen. We've got the guy hemmed up in the backfield for minus-5 and we don't have our contain player where he's supposed and then we can't rally to the ball and get the runner down."

Chris Walker, DE

On the third quarter struggles: "I think their playmakers came out, that tempo they were going at kind of got at us and wore us down, and we missed some tackles and made some mistakes that we usually don't make."

Matt Simms, QB

On the difficulty of the passing game

"Our goal was to wear them out physically and take shots with one-on-one matchups and hopefully our receivers would go up and get it for us. They [Oregon] did a lot of good things defensively, they did a good job of regrouping, and aligning to us better, that took away a few of our looks and things we were looking to take advantage of."

And here's some comments from the Ducks.

Chip Kelly

On the environment at Neyland Stadium

"That's an unbelievable environment to play in out there. I mean, this place is impressive. I tell my players all the time, 'Don't look at the stadium,' but I was looking at the stadium."

(I included that because I'm sure that Ducks fans who were at the game now know why I kept harping on the venue. Neyland is impossible to ignore).

Sophomore LaMichael James, RB

On his 72-yard touchdown run that put Oregon ahead 20-13 early in the third quarter

"That run was kind of incredible right there. Actually, someone grabbed my face mask and I was like, 'Dang, am I going to fall?' But then I didn't fall and I saw the clearing, and I just ran. I was very determined. We needed a boost and we needed a score. We weren't playing to our standards. We needed a boost and that's what I did."