From the training room: First impressions at Arizona State

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

TEMPE, Ariz. -- My life of luxury? I'm presently typing away in what is known as the "Copy Room" in Arizona State's athletic building (one of the best facilities in the conference, by the way).

Headed to practice at 6:15 (PDT), but before that wanted to give you guys some quick hits from offseason workouts from ASU officials.

Understand: Just like the numbers from UCLA, the official info doesn't include any slackers who probably will be noticeable jogging around fields across the country today after practices are over.

  • Redshirt freshman OL Matt Hustad gained 21 pounds this summer and now the backup guard tips the scales at a respectable 290. OG Shaun Lauvao was another OL who stood out.

  • QB Rudy Carpenter finished the 2007 season at 205. He's now 224 and, according to the notes, "is much stronger." Carpenter definitely looked thicker -- in a good way -- on Sunday.

  • TB Keegan Herring put on 11 pounds of muscle and is now 204 pounds. The added weight should help Herring run between the tackles, which is important if he wants to be seen as a proverbial "every-down back."

  • Redshirt freshman TE Dan Knapp has gained 30 pounds of muscle in just a year. Of course, at 260 pounds, he may be another summer from playing himself into a OT position. Kidding Dan. TE is also a need position for the Sun Devils.

  • FS Troy Nolan tops a list of DBs who had good summers, including CB Omar Bolden and SS Rodney Cox. WR Kerry Taylor, presently listed as the No. 3 WR, also impressed.

  • Top DL performers included DE Dexter Davis and DT Jonathan English, who's much quicker at his present 292 pounds compared to the 335 pounds he reported at a year ago.