Cutting down Owen Marecic

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh revealed Notre Dame used an interesting strategy in the second half against Cardinal fullback Owen Marecic.

The Fighting Irish defenders cut him.

Harbaugh said that as Marecic would hit the line of scrimmage looking for a block, his potential victim on defense would do a nose dive, thereby conceding the block but then hoping to clog up the hole with two fallen bodies.

"To me that's the ultimate respect you can show a fullback," Harbaugh said. "If you're going to cut him, that means you're going to give yourself up, to concede the one-on-one block."

Wonder if Oregon might copy that strategy on Saturday?

Marecic, who starts at both fullback and middle linebacker, scored two touchdowns in Stanford's 37-14 win, one on offense running the ball and one on defense on an interception return.