Recruiting rankings: USC (duh) only Pac-10 team on board

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller
ESPN.com's Tom Luginbill updated his recruiting rankings, and Pac-10 folks only need to know two things that won't surprise them in the least.

  1. USC is ranked very high (No. 2)

  2. No other Pac-10 team even merits an honorable mention.

Luginbill's top-10 includes:

  • Three from the SEC (No. 4 LSU, No. 5 Georgia and No. 10 Tennessee)

  • Two from the Big 12 (No. 1 Texas and No. 7 Oklahoma)

  • Two from the ACC (No. 6 Clemson and No. 8 Florida State)

  • One each from the Big Ten (No. 3 Ohio State) and Big East (No. 9 Rutgers)

  • "On the Cusp" teams are Auburn, South Florida, Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, Penn State and Texas A&M

It's early but it's also fair to say the Pac-10 needs to pick it up, eh?