Saban vs. Kelly: Kiffin likes the matchup

USC coach Lane Kiffin said lots of nice things about Oregon's offense before playing the Ducks. Suffice it to say, his opinion hasn't changed after the Ducks whipped the Trojans 53-32 on Saturday.

"It's a great offense," Kiffin said. "And as I said leading up to the game, maybe one of the best to ever play in college football."

Oregon leads the nation in scoring (55.9 points per game) and total yards (572.9 ypg) and ranks third in rushing (308.8 ypg).

Kiffin said he's watched the game film a number of times, and his diagnosis of what went wrong is fairly straight forward: "We just ran out of gas. It was very obvious."

He said that the only teams that will be able to play with Oregon will have great depth and use a lot of players, so they can stay fresh in the face of the Ducks relentless pace. He also added that he doesn't see a team remaining on the Ducks schedule he believes will be able to do that.

"I think they are great," Kiffin said. "I think they'll run the table pretty easy."

So who could hang with Oregon? Kiffin pointed at a deep, defensive-minded team, such as Alabama.

"It will be interesting to see," Kiffin said. "They are so explosive, it's going to take a team like Alabama, who has built their roster like Nick [Saban] has over his last three recruiting classes, to be able to have enough depth to be able to hang with these guys. I think, otherwise, it's going to be hard for anyone to play with them."

So Nick Saban's D versus Chip Kelly's O. It could happen if both teams win out. It might be fun to test the whole SEC defense versus Pac-10 offense debate in the real world, instead of just barking on message boards.

Kiffin also called the Oregon defense "very underrated."

But, obviously, the offense is the show. Kiffin said he has yet to see anything like it in his coaching career.

"That's the best offense by far we've played," he said.