Mailbag: Will Jacquizz be as quizz-tastic in 2009?

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

It's Friday. So you've got that going for you.

Release the notes!

(However, we're taking a much-needed break from all the conference comparison blather this week after Oregon has been firmly established as the second-best team in the SEC).

Kenny from Corvallis, Ore., writes: All offseason there have been talks that Jacquizz Rodgers won't be as productive because teams now know what he's going to do. I say, what exactly did he do that USC didn't know? Or Cal? Or Penn State? You can't say they didn't know Oregon State was a run-up-the-middle kind of team. That's what he did all year long, and nearly won the rushing title doing it. Is that REALLY going to change next year?

Ted Miller: Who is saying this? No one as smart as you or the Pac-10 Blog, Kenny!

My guess is Rodgers will be a better back next year as a sophomore with a year of experience under his belt, but he might not pile up as many yards because the offensive line is replacing three key starters, topped by Andy Levitre a second-round pick who's already being projected as a rookie starter for the Buffalo Bills.

Moreover, shoulder injuries are tricky for any player but particularly for running backs.

Rodgers led the conference with 259 carries last year -- 35 more than anyone else -- despite only playing in 11 games. The Beavers will be better off if his total is closer to 200 in 2009. So that might mean fewer yards.

Doug from Houston, Tx., writes: The story you posted on PAC 10 games on TV this season did not include the ASU - UGA game. What is the deal with that one? Don't tell me it is not on!

Ben from Thousand Oaks, Calif., writes: Just noticed you posted the Pac 10 TV schedule. I noticed no mention of the Cal @ Minnesota game.There was a recent rumor on the Minnesota fan boards that the game would be at 11am local time. As a Cal fan this has naturally left me scared after the whole Maryland fiasco last year, as this equates to another 9am pacific start.Has the time for that game been decided yet? I'm assuming its going to be shown (though I suppose if its shown on Fox or the Big Ten Network that'd explain why you didn't list it).

Ted Miller: Ah, the magic of TBA!

I'd be shocked if both games aren't picked up, but both are road games and therefore are not part of the Pac-10 television package.

The other road games that the conference included on the TV schedule released this week have already been announced, such as USC at Ohio State.

Cal-Minnesota and Georgia-Arizona State are high-profile games that will be part of the Big Ten and SEC TV deals.

So don't worry.

But, as for the start time at Minnesota, that's up to the Gophers and their Big Ten TV partners. My guess is it could be a 12:30 EST kickoff, so, yeah, the Bears might be dealing with some jet lag.

Kevin from Santa Cruz, Calif., writes: Bowl selection wise, what do you think would happen if three Pac-10 teams ended up tied for first place in the conference at 11-1 with losses to each other, ala the Big 12 South last year?Although unlikely, I'm very curious to see how you think this situation would shake out come January.

Ted Miller: I'm going to put this as a link on my blog roll.

Here are the Pac-10's Rose Bowl selection procedures.

It's hard to follow, which is why every year I hope I don't have to try to explain it.

JT Light from www.addictedtoquack.com writes: A couple of comments on your Tonio Celotto piece. Originally, Tonio left Oregon because he was giving up football altogether. After being out for a few months, he decided he couldn't give up football. He attempted to get back on the Oregon football team after spring ball, but was declined because he had already fallen behind academically.

Ted Miller: JT, who was less charitable in his assessment of my blog entry here, is referring to this May 29 note from Rob Moseley.

Yep. I missed that. Went on vacation on May 28 and this story was far enough back that when I returned a week later and tried to catch up, well, like I said I missed it.

Still, I'm not sure what this note, albeit interesting, would have changed from my conclusion about the Ducks recent transfers:

While it may raise an eyebrow or two, it doesn't strike me as terribly alarming. There's no indication anything sinister is at work here -- each of these four had valid reasons for leaving. And new coach Chip Kelly's consistent attitude of "if you don't want to be here, then go" is the correct approach.

Ian from Lafayette, Ind., writes: I'd be happy to provide you with examples [of the Pac-10 blog's anti-Oregon bias], Ted. Could you please forward me the archive of your last 100 or so Pac 10 blogs? I can look through them and give you examples. Do you have them archived? I don't.My comment was based more on my observations of your column over the past 6 months. I'm a casual Oregon and Oregon State football fan. Again, this is based on a cumulative trend, and no one or two posts in particular.

Ted Miller: Ian wrote about his perception of my anti-Oregon bias in last week's mailbag -- linked above -- but this week's note provides a teachable moment.

The archive of every article from the Pac-10 blog can be found under the word "Archive" on the right of the webpage, about an inch and a half to the right of ole Sparky.

Moreover, the "Search the blog" function is about an inch from the mug shot of the ugly dude who types all this stuff.

Stuart from Oak Park, Calif., writes: I must address a most grievous error/omission from a recent post of yours, a post that cannot stand in it's current form. How do you leave out the WonderPets from the Top 5 Noggin shows!?!? Ted - "The phone...the phone is ringing..." you best pick up that phone Ted, b/c the truth is on the other end. Go WonderPets! (15 month old twins).

Matt from Warren, Ore., writes: I used to like your stuff ... smart, balance, and even funny. But, with that being said, your omission of Wonder Pets in the top Noggin Shows list is unforgivable."What's it gonna take? Team work ..."

Ted Miller: Blame my wife for this one. She once noted to me how annoying the Ducks' voice is, and I can't shake it -- maybe that's the source of my reputed anti-Oregon bias.

Also, I think The Mayor of Millerville once had a classic tantrum -- think Auburn in 2004 -- when the "Team Work!" song was going on in the background, so I might associate it with a bad experience.