Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 13

If you don't like where you are in the power rankings, play better.

1. Oregon: The two biggest games in Oregon history are coming up. If the Ducks win, there will be a third that will stand alone.

2. Stanford: Stanford maybe should be No. 2 in some other polls. Know what the coach of every other team in the nation would say to himself if he had to play the Cardinal in a bowl game? "Drat. We're doomed."

3. Arizona: Sometimes not playing is the best thing -- just ask USC. From here down in the power rankings, it's like I threw a bunch of teams in a crock pot and made chili and somebody watching from outside tried to list what ingredients I used. Because if you don't like the order here, heck, do your own power rankings.

4. Washington: Huskies whipped UCLA on Thursday and beat Oregon State on Oct. 16. So they are ahead of the Beavers.

5. Oregon State: Anyone go into Saturday thinking the following? "Oregon State is going to beat USC 36-7. I'm sure of it."

6. Arizona State: The Sun Devils got blown out at California, but a week ago, they played a competitive game with Stanford. What did Cal do Saturday?

7. USC: This isn't USC's spot in the actual standings, but getting blown out at Oregon State means you need to sit in the corner with a dunce cap on. And the Trojans went from looking like a likely 10-win team to a potential 7-6 team, particularly with Matt Barkley suffering a high ankle sprain.

8. California: The Bears picked a fight before the Big Game, then got bullied by Stanford when the game actually started.

9. UCLA: The Bruins looked terrible at Washington. If the Huskies' struggling defense can shut them down, what might Arizona State's solid defense do?

10. Washington State: The win over Oregon State looks even more impressive now. But it's still the only one against a conference foe.