Halftime: Arizona State 6, Arizona 0

Heading into the bottom of the fourth inning, Arizona State leads rival Arizona 6-0.

I know. Rich. Ha ha.

Hey, if you love punting, you're loving the Territorial Cup thus far: 14 punts. Just 219 yards of offense. For both teams combined.

We can say that Sun Devils kicker Thomas Weber's slump may be over: He's connected on field goals for 52 and 36 yards.

On the one hand, the defenses are playing great. On the other, the offenses look terrible, though the Sun Devils and QB Brock Osweiler showed signs of life late in the half.

Arizona QB Nick Foles was so good at Oregon last week, it's shocking that he started so out of sync at home. He's completed 7-of-16 for 49 yards, and coach Mike Stoops pulled him for a bit for Matt Scott.

Here's a guess we'll see more offense in the second half from both teams. But who will have the most?