Alabama fans: Roll Ducks, roll!

You may have heard this before: Alabama and Auburn don't like each other.

And that rivalry even exceeds some Crimson Tide fans desire to see the SEC put a whipping on Oregon and the Pac-10 in the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 10. Check out these T-shirts (thanks to Rob Moseley for the link).

That actually would be an interesting question for all SEC fans, seeing that more than a few have issues with Cam Newton, his baggage and how he may have ended up on the Plains: Ducks or Tigers?

My guess is 65 percent of Alabama fans are rooting for Oregon, but 75 percent of other SEC fans are rooting for the Tigers so they can celebrate the conference's fifth consecutive national title.

Then they will root for Auburn to later be stripped of the title and hit with NCAA sanctions.