Afternoon musings

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Take a break from watching the Olympics and read...

  • Is Washington QB Jake Locker almost ready to return from his hamstring injury? That breeze you feel might be a collective sigh of relief coming from Seattle.

  • Brian Dohn notes again how QB Kevin Craft appears to be the likely starter for UCLA in the opener against Tennessee. He also has this note that injured QB Ben Olson plans to play this year and doesn't think he can qualify for another year of eligibility.

  • Would somebody tell the USC players -- with their jock itch and injured QB -- to be careful? Seems that somebody slammed RB Joe McKnight's hand in a dorm room door. One word: ouch.

  • College football coaches are overpaid, dadgumit! Or are they? Some are. Some aren't, according to Forbes. Oregon State's Mike Riley and USC's Pete Carroll are on the lists... but on which side of the ledger?

  • Bruins Nation takes the pulse of the Blog World on Rick Neuheisel perspectives coming from Washington fans. Interesting stuff. Still believe that the significant majority of the Huskies fan base (just like the Colorado fan base) blames Neuheisel for everything -- no matter how unsophisticated and unfair or inaccurate their arguments are.

  • Pete Carroll has celebrity friends ... who support Pete's charity "A Better LA." In this video, Will Ferrell pays tribute.

  • Speaking of charity, SI.com's Stewart Mandel wants you to smack talk conferences for charity. Check it out.

  • Bet there's nothing charitable about the $EC's new TV deal with CBS.

  • For those of you wondering what former Washington State QB Jason Gesser is up to these days, here you go.