Rodgers to NFL; Petersen stays at Boise

Two major news items to cover quickly while distracted by this little football game.

As for Rodgers, that means he will leave behind his brother, receiver James Rodgers, who will come back for a fifth year after receiving a medical hardship waiver from the NCAA.

The decision makes sense. There's little else Rodgers can do to improve his NFL stock, and running backs don't have a long shelf life. He's a classy young man who has done a lot for the Beavers. He feels he's ready to go pro, so good luck to him.

Petersen's decision is not unexpected. He's spurned many suitors in the past. While Stanford seemed like a good fit, Petersen has done a fairly good job fitting at Boise State, wouldn't you say?

That decision suggests that Stanford might look now at its internal candidates to replace Jim Harbaugh: David Shaw and Greg Roman.

Or perhaps athletic director Bob Bowlsby has someone off the grid that he's going to go after?

You'd think with national signing day just a few weeks away, Bowlsby wants to make a move quickly.