How the Pac-10 fared against BCS teams

How did the Pac-10 do against other conferences in 2010? Glad you asked.

The Pac-10 was 23-12 (.657) in all nonconference games last season and 12-7 versus other AQ conferences, which was the highest winning percentage among the AQ conferences.

Here's how things stack up.

Pac-10: 12-7 (.631)

SEC: 15-10 (.600)

Big 12: 11-9 (.550)

Big Ten: 10-9 (.526)

ACC: 9-14 (.391)

Big East: 6-13 (.315)

As far as head-to-head with other AQ conferences (and Notre Dame), the Pac-10 only had a losing record against one:

ACC... 3-0

Big East... 2-0

Big Ten... 2-1

Big 12... 3-4

SEC... 1-1

Notre Dame... 1-1

Ah, but you non-AQ folks are raising a finger. Correct. The Pac-10 went 1-2 versus the WAC (losing to Boise State and Nevada) and 1-2 against the Mountain West (losing to BYU and TCU).

So the Pac-10's final record against all FBS foes was 17-12 (.586).

What about Colorado and Utah? Well, both would have been solid presences in terms of their nonconference marks. Colorado went 3-1 in nonconference games, beating Colorado State, Hawaii and Georgia. It's loss? To California. As for Utah, it went 3-2, including a Las Vegas Bowl defeat to Boise State. It beat Pittsburgh, San Jose State and Iowa State, and lost to Notre Dame.