Cal will wear white hats in 2011

One of the more amusing things before every Oregon football game is the race between beat writers to announce -- typically via Twitter -- what uniforms the sartorially splendid Ducks will be wearing.

Confession: I do not care.

I have no problem with the Ducks' diverse and sometimes odd helmet, jersey and pant combinations. But, really, my only concern is making sure I know which team is which. That and not getting beheaded by my boss.

Which brings us to the Great White Helmet Mystery at California.

I've been asked a number of times -- in the mailbag, in chats -- if I have any insider information on whether Cal will wear white helmets next fall. These questions held my attention for about 0.34 seconds before I began fretting anew over who would be Oregon State's No. 3 fullback.

First, I apologize for my selfish neglect. This is apparently very, very important to some Cal fans. (And there's even an entire blog dedicated to uniforms).

Second, it appears the answer is yes -- and the California Golden Blogs even offers up a picture!

As per my own follow-up investigation, what I can ascertain is the helmet, indeed, is white -- perhaps cream colored? -- and there is a script "Cal" on the side of said helmet that looks not unlike other script "Cal"s you often see in and around Berkeley, unless of course you find yourself looking at a Stanford fan, which probably wouldn't happen because all Stanford fans are put into the stocks for six weeks if they are discovered in Berkeley.

Now if there were a rumor that a Pac-12 team would don pink football helmets this fall, I might be quicker to look into that.