Utah-Colorado were once bitter rivals

On Friday, we pondered the "rivalry" between Utah and Colorado as the newest members of the Pac-12. The general gist was the "hate" would have to develop.

But Colorado sports information director Dave Plati -- and many of you with a memory that goes back to the 1950s -- pointed out that the schools once had a big football rivalry.

Noted Plati in an email: "CU-Utah was THE rivalry from about 1910 to 1947 in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference and then into the Mountain States Conference... Utah dealt CU perhaps its biggest blow in its first 99 years of football in 1961. We were riding high, just beat Missouri to basically clinch the Big 8 crown, and Utah came into Boulder and won 21-12."

The teams played virtually every year from 1903-1962. Colorado leads the series 30-24-3. There's even a Wikipedia page on the rivalry.

Plati then noted that the worst Colorado loss to Notre Dame, 21-6, in the Orange Bowl after the 1989 season: "Otherwise we’re 12-0, national champs, and that team would merit mention among the all-time greats."

And then there's the skiing thing: Colorado has 17 NCAA titles, Utah 9.