Who's the strongest player in college football?

Last year, more than a few of us believed Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea was the strongest person in college football. At the NFL combine, he proved that by setting a new bench press record.

ESPN.com's Bruce Feldman went looking for this year's Paea, and he found a few,Insider including a new Pac-12 player from Colorado, who ranked No. 4 overall.

Here's what Feldman had to say:

4. Eric Richter, OL, Colorado Buffaloes

A transfer from Saddleback College in California, Richter wowed his new CU teammates when he arrived one day in the weight room last year and benched 500 pounds for three reps, according to Buffs receiver Scotty McKnight. The 6-foot-3, 310-pound former defensive lineman can bench press 405 pounds for sets of 6-to-8, reports new CU strength coach Malcolm Blacken, who adds that Richter also did 41 reps of 225 last month.

Eight reps at 405? One rep at 405 is an impressive max, even for an O-lineman. And three at 500? Golly. That's beastly.

Of course, a big bench press doesn't a great offensive lineman make. But this knowledge makes me not want to say that to Richter's face.