Pac-10 claims 400th NCAA title

It's not football but it's worth noting ... from the Pac-10 (yes, still Pac-10) office...

With Arizona State winning the NCAA softball title [Tuesday], Pac-10 Conference teams have now claimed 400 NCAA Championships, becoming the first conference in history to reach the milestone.

With nine team titles thus far in 2010-11, the Pac-10 has now led the nation in NCAA Championships in 45 of the last 51 years.

The 400 Pac-10 championships consist of 271 men’s titles and 129 women’s championships and all 10 Pac-10 institutions have won multiple national championships. Pac-10 teams have won championships in 26 of the 37 Division 1 sports the NCAA sponsors and has reached double-digit titles in 16 of those sports.