Riley updates Oregon State questions

Kerry Eggers sat down with Oregon State coach Mike Riley and then provided a number of updates on the myriad questions the Beavers faced heading into the off-season, most notably injuries.

  • On receiver James Rodgers (knee): “James is on a treadmill, jogging, walking without a limp. He can jog out on the field. I’m encouraged, although conservatively. I don’t want to put any unreasonable or unknowledgeable expectations. The doctor thinks he’ll be ready to play football this season. He thought James might be a little late getting into camp, but he didn't put any more restrictions on it than that.”

  • On receiver Jordan Bishop (ankle): “He’s running on the treadmill in water. The prognosis is he will be running in July. For him to have a good year, he’s going to have to be running and catching balls all through July to catch up on what he missed.”

  • On QB Ryan Katz (wrist): “He is still not totally cleared. He is not taking direct snaps, and he can’t do all the lifts. But he’s able to do a lot of the stuff that’s important, like throwing the ball and running.”

  • On tight end Joe Halahuni (shoulder): “The doctor said he will be ready to go by the first of September. To me, that means it’s probably another month before he’s playing in a game.”

  • And on DT Castro Masaniai (arrest): "Riley and OSU administrators haven’t yet determined a punishment for defensive tackle Castro Masaniai, charged in May with second-degree kidnapping, coercion, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief in a domestic dispute with his wife. The charges are expected to be downgraded, however, and Masaniai might be able to avoid being suspended for a game or games by meeting community service and counseling demands."

That's five key starters -- all-Pac-12 sorts -- each facing nagging questions this summer.

With all five players on the field, the Beavers have a chance to make some noise in the North Division this fall. But it's clear there's some work to do -- and fingers to be crossed -- even before fall camp begins in August.