Former ASU player rips Erickson

Former Arizona State receiver Kerry Taylor is no fan of Sun Devils coach Dennis Erickson.

Arizona State blog "House of Sparky" posted these comments from Taylor's Twitter account:

  • Just did an interview about the problems of ASU football and why Dennis Erickson is NOT the right man for the job.

  • I want ASU to win Pac12 Championships, all us ASU fans do. But in order for that to happen we need a new Head Coach. That's all I'm saying.

That interview was with Tim Ring of Channel 3 in Phoenix. Ring, the station's sports director, has his own Twitter account and he tweeted this in regards to Taylor's interview:

  • A lot of people are asking about the Kerry Taylor interview. This will NOT air on Ch 3 tonight. Coach Erickson will get time to respond.

  • The interview will be properly vetted with both sides getting a fair chance to have their say. The piece tentatively will air NEXT Sunday.

These tweets were re-tweeted by Taylor, by the way.

I emailed Ring and he confirmed the interview. The original purpose of his story, he noted, was to talk to Kerry Taylor's brother Kendyl Taylor, who has committed to Washington: "I went over to talk to Kendyl about his commitment to UW and afterwards Kerry sat down and opened up about his experience under Dennis Erickson at ASU," Ring wrote.

Ring also wrote that no broadcast date has been set for the interview.

An Arizona State spokesman refused comment to the Pac-12 blog.

Taylor is not some scrub. He led the Sun Devils with 54 receptions for 699 yards and three touchdowns last year -- both numbers ranked in the top-10 in the Pac-10 -- and was honorable mention all-conference. Further, he is son of former 10-year NFL veteran Keith Taylor and the nephew of former San Francisco 49er John Taylor, so he should know how the media works.

In other words, Taylor wanted to take his position public, not only by doing a TV interview -- one that was supposed to be about his brother -- but also by tweeting about it before it aired.

How should Arizona State fans take this? Well, it's probably worth waiting on the broadcast of the interview before passing judgement.

Nonetheless, Taylor has made his sentiments clear already. That doesn't mean he's right. He's got his opinion, but unless a handful of players -- current or former -- join him on the record, then it's just one man's opinion.

Pending some dramatic revelations, this is most likely a proverbial tempest in a teapot -- in Tempe, no less.

The Erickson situation at Arizona State is fairly simple: The Sun Devils are widely viewed as the favorites in the Pac-12 South. If they win the division, then Taylor's comments will be forgotten. At present, it's notable that Arizona State is doing well in recruiting, with 12 commitments and top-25 class at this early juncture. There are hints at positive momentum within the program.

But if the Sun Devils flop and stay home for a fourth consecutive postseason, it's unlikely Erickson will return for his sixth year in 2012.

And that won't be because of a couple of Tweets.