Watching Matt Barkley warm up

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

LOS ANGELES -- Let it be known that Matt Barkley's first pass as USC's quarterback fell gently into the hands of Damian Williams 15 yards downfield along the far sideline.

Of course, it was his first warm-up toss coming from under center, but the true freshman is so under the microscope, we might as well take the temperature of everything he does.

For example, he has yet to levitate, which was mildly surprising. It's early, though.

The reason to watch warm-ups is simple: Will the seemingly unflappable Barkley show any cracks of flappability?

Like tossing a pass into the turf during warm-ups?

Not yet.

So the next step is to see what he does when guys are trying to earhole him.