On stage ... Arizona State

Quick hits from Pac-12 media day in Los Angeles.

Arizona State: Dennis Erickson & QB Brock Osweiler

  • Erickson on excessive celebration rule: "If you want to take away excessive celebration, this is a rule that will do it." But rule has taken fun out. "I just want to see how they will call it."

  • Said defense is two-deep at every position.

  • Erickson on running back Deantre Lewis: "Questionable. We don't know his status. It's really up in the air whether he will play at all." Lewis got shot in his rear. "Damage was worse than people thought."

  • On defensive tackle Will Sutton: "Probably our best pass rusher."

  • Erickson: "I don't know how much total man we can play" in the secondary.

  • Erickson on possibilty finishing second in South behind USC but still playing in PAC-12 title game: "I don't care... sometimes you take things in life you can get."

  • Erickson asked about weaknesses: depth at corner, "never have a lot of depth in defensive front," needs receivers to stay healthy.

  • Erickson on Osweiler running: "When it's fourth and a foot, I'm going with the 6-foot-8 guy."