Beavers party, get suspended

Four Oregon State players were charged with underage drinking on Saturday night and will be suspended for a game -- most likely the opener against Sacramento State -- though coach Mike Riley told reporters he was keeping his options open.

The players are redshirt freshman defensive tackle Joe Lopez, freshman safety Will Storey, redshirt freshman tight end Connor Hamlett and redshirt freshman tight end Tyler Perry.

From The Oregonian:

According to Lt. Cord Wood of the Corvallis Police Department, officers were called to the townhouse apartment shared by Hamlett, Lopez, and Storey around 1 a.m. after there were complaints about a loud party.

The officer who arrived on the scene said occupants inside the apartment locked the door, shut the lights off, and turned off the stereo. The officer applied for a search warrant and forced entry was required.

Wood said there were "about 40 people'' in the apartment and 36 of them were minors.

Holy Dragnet, a search warrant ... forced entry "required"... for a house party! Wonder if a "Turn the music off and keep it off" might have sufficed.

Still, not terribly smart for the players. Their poor decisions not only cost them, they cost their teammates.