Chat wrap: Expansion, LSU-Oregon queries

Did you miss my chat Thursday afternoon? Or do you just want to relive it.

You can review everything that was typed here.

But because we know you are busy, busy, busy, here are some highlights.

rbrown (Eugene): Ted, I am surprised that Oregon is now the favorite in the opener against LSU. I see them as an underdog meaning it is more likely than not that they will lose. What say you? Are people just predicting oregon will win or do they think oregon has the flat out better team?

Ted Miller (3:02 PM): My guess is it will be close to a pick 'em. I'm a slight LSU lean right now after reading so many glowing LSU stories. Might change my mind (again).

Joe (Jacksonville): Who is your preseason pick for most-improved player in the Pac-12 from last season?

Ted Miller (3:04 PM): I sense that by season's end folks will be saying really nice things about Oregon State QB Ryan Katz.

Darius (Los Angeles): Do you think the league will have adjusted and be able to better defend the Oregon offense this year?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM): It's an endless chess game. Folks figure out Chip Kelly's hurry-up spread option, so Kelly tweaks it. I'm really, really curious about the LSU game. We've seen Boise State, Ohio State and Auburn slow the Ducks down with extra prep time. LSU will do the same by training the eyes of its defense. So, knowing this, what does Kelly do this time? I got the feeling Oregon thought it could just line up and beat Auburn. I don't think it will look at LSU the same. There will be some noticeable tweaks.

rbrown (Eugene): what glowing lsu stories have you read?

Ted Miller (3:10 PM): Les Miles saying this is his most talented team. Chavis raving about the talent in his secondary. The breakthrough of QB Jordan Jefferson. How good the frosh DTs are. That sort of thing.

Sam (SLC): In your opinion, What is the biggest concern for utah this year?

Ted Miller (3:11 PM): 1. Keeping Wynn healthy; 2. secondary; 3. the grind of the Pac-12 schedule.

Darryl (Oakland, CA): Do you think it's possible that Cal's QB (Maynard) will play very similar to and be used similarly to Denard Robinson? If so, is Cal instantly the best team in the Pac 12?

Ted Miller (3:14 PM): Even if you take away QBs, I'd like Oregon and Stanford more than Cal. But Maynard giving the Bears solid QB play means the Bears are a threat for 8 or 9 wins. As for Denard Robinson, my perception -- I've never seen Maynard play, other than Buffalo highlights -- is he's more of a passing than Robinson and less of a runner.

Ryan (Boulder): Does CU's secondary have any chance at stopping Hawaii's passing attack or does it all rely on the pass rush?

Ted Miller (3:18 PM): The good news is Hawaii is completely rebuilding its offense, other than Moniz. The Buffs secondary should get a lot of support from a tough pass rush.

Carlos (Seattle ): Can WSU and Tuel win more then 6 games? Is this the year that Tuel becomes one of the better QB's in the PAC 12?

Ted Miller (3:21 PM): Maybe... WSU needs a 3-0 start, which would include a win at SD State. If that happens, I think they have a really good shot at 6 wins. If Tuel gets better protection, he should take a big step forward.

Kurt (Oregon): Is James Rodgers going to make your list of the Pac-12's Top 25 players? Or are injuries keeping him off?

Ted Miller (3:24 PM): Knee injury knocked him off... keep in mind I made the list before preseason camp began. At that point, the general feeling wasn't as positive as it is now. Seeing that I ranked him No. 6 before the 2010 season, I don't think I have to re-assert my belief in who he is when healthy.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Andrew Luck lost two of his top targets in Baldwin, and Whalen? Do the Cardinal have adequate replacements for these key players that will take pressure of Owasu and allow their quarterback to put up Heisman worthy numbers?

Ted Miller (3:49 PM): You have Owusu and some other options, but the big fall-back is the 3-deep of future NFL tight ends. I expect to see those guys lineup up wide at times and catching balls in big numbers.

Ryan (Ohio): What about adding the Oklahoma schools, Texas Tech, anf Texas with the condition that Texas keeps their tertiary rights (but no hs games)?

Ted Miller (3:53 PM): any deal that includes Texas is a winner. i personally feel that something can be worked out that allows the Longhorn network to continue.... give-take negotiations, you know.

Ty (Seattle): Prediction for how many times I'll be offered "Cajun duck" samples while tailgating in Dallas?

Ted Miller (4:00 PM): Now you're going to want to hang with the LSU folks during the tailgate... those guys know what they are doing. Top-10 food tailgate -- easily --in the nation.

Reed (Montlake): Maybe answer a question about the dawgs... What is the most intriguing aspect of the rubber match of UW and Nebraska?

Ted Miller (4:01 PM): That if the Huskies beat a top-15 Nebraska team in Lincoln that won't have any excuses, as it did in the Holiday Bowl, we can officially announce that Washington is back.