Your enemies list: AP voters

No one likes a bad poll voter. It's only that there seems to be plenty of disagreement on just who are the worst poll voters, and opinions curiously seem to vary according to region.

The Pac-12 blog has always held a special place for Howard Schnellenberger, who apparently got a painful wedgie from a Pac-10 fan at some point and took out his passive-aggressive revenge with his buffoonish coaches poll votes through the years.

But that's just me. You surely have your special guy who you rant and rave about.

So to help out, here are a list of 2011 AP voters, arranged so you can see who is in and who is out.

Further, here's a great website that takes you behind the scenes into the AP poll: PollSpeak. It's interactive, so you can vote on which voters you like and don't like.

Further, there's plenty of interesting information, such as the historically most overrated and underrated teams in in the AP poll -- Pac-12 teams are featured in both categories.

In any event, the Pac-12 blog gets plenty of mail from irate fans, ranting about various pollsters. Not saying I don't love those notes, but PollSpeak is where you should take those complaints.