Coaches poll: This will entertain you (a lot)

Confession: Sometimes I link things that I just skim over. But this Page 2 piece not only got a full read, it made me laugh a number of times: Pac-12 coaches poll.

It's three parts and each contains interesting nuggets.

Some highlights (Not including restaurant picks, but some of you will find those interesting).

Which school has the best looking cheerleaders?

"Don't know" won with six votes -- the "play it safe vote" -- but Oregon came in second with 2 1/2 votes.

Not going to take an official position here but, really, every Pac-12 fan knows the answer to that one.

Best comments: Oregon State coach Mike Riley, "If I answer that question, is my wife gonna say, 'Are you looking at the cheerleaders?'" California coach Jeff Tedford on picking Arizona State: "My sons tell me they're all hot chicks at ASU, so that would be my guess."

What song or musician do you enjoy that might surprise people?

Best comment: USC coach Lane Kiffin, "Bon Jovi. I don't know if that surprises people ... and Kenny Chesney. That'll surprise people because he's from Tennessee."

Not counting your school, which Pac-12 university has the best mascot?

Oregon and USC tied.

Best comment: Riley, "There's no doubt, it's the Duck. And the worst, by far, is the tree at Stanford." (Is that the most controversial thing Riley has ever said?)

Not counting yourself, who's the best dressed coach in the conference?

Lane Kiffin and Mike Stoops tied with four votes.

Best comments: Kiffin on Stoops: "He's totally changed. He drinks fancy wine now. He reads the same magazines as my wife. He's got designer clothes on all the time." Stoops, "Me. They can't compare. I can't give anyone else credit for that."

What's a hobby or recreational passion of yours that might surprise people?

Best comments: Riley likes reading and music: "[My] favorite author is John Lescroart. [My] favorite musicians are John Prine, Gary P. Nunn, Kelly Willis, Bob Schneider, Augustana and Counting Crows' older stuff."

Stoops said ... wait for it ... shopping: "I'm good at it. I know what fruit to pick out. ... I'm a regular. If they don't see me for a while, they ask me where I've been."

Washington State's Paul Wulff had the most unusual "farm animals." My 'daughter has show pigs that she shows in FFA and 4-H. I love working with them and helping her buy them."