Who led the top-25?

Our countdown of the Pac-12's top-25 players is over.

You can view the final list here.

We also previously went over players who just missed the countdown, and therefore are top candidates to fight their way onto to postseason list.

And let's face it, postseason rankings are more important than preseason rankings.

Here's the final per-team tally.

Stanford: 6

Oregon: 4

USC: 4

Washington: 3

Arizona: 2

Washington State: 2

Arizona State: 1

California: 1

Colorado: 1


Oregon State, Utah: 0

Stanford fans who groused about their numbers after the 2010 season -- two -- probably are happier with this ranking. Utah and Oregon State fans probably aren't.

Feel free to send me your thoughts and quibbles on who should have made it but didn't. Just make sure you state your case AND perhaps suggest who they should replace and why.