This might amuse you

I'm sure many of you have thought about this a lot: What about re-ranking the Top 25 based on musical acts the school has produced -- or at least can be loosely associated with? And so we have ESPN.com's Page 2 and Patrick Dorsey:

... Page 2 has a different way of ranking 2011's best football teams: Music. That's right. Inspired by Pop Evil's recent pro-Michigan song, we're re-ranking the Top 25 based on the most noteworthy acts associated with those schools. Now for some rules: 1) The band/musician must have a real connection to the school; 2) We're picking only one act per college; 3) These rankings are based on cultural significance, not personal opinion (otherwise we'd blow up the whole list and put Weird Al Yankovic's Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo at the top); and 4) It's restricted to the USA Today Top 25, so Snoop Dogg and unranked USC must wait 'til next year.

Because Dorsey used the coach's poll, only two Pac-12 teams are included:

21. Stanford -- Young the Giant

With acts such as The Airborne Toxic Event and The Donnas having Stanford connections, the Cardinal might just be the most "now" of all the colleges. But Young the Giant -- which in late 2010-early 2011 released its first studio album and is set to perform at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards -- takes the spot thanks to its on-campus formation (as "The Jakes").

12. Oregon -- The Decemberists

Something about the West Coast breeds newer acts (imagine if Cal and UCLA had made the Top 25), and that goes for this Portland-based indie folk giant whose lead singer, Colin Meloy, spent some time on the Ducks' campus.

Agree or disagree?

Perhaps you guys could send me your nominations for best musical acts from your school and we could do our own power ranking based on that.