A home game for LSU?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- There are a lot of Ducks here. But there are a lot more Tigers who are going to fill up 80,000-seat Cowboys Stadium.

If noise is a factor, it will be a factor in LSU's favor and at Oregon's expense.

The good news is the game is indoors, where it is air-conditioned. It's 98 and humid, conditions that would favor LSU, if the game were not inside Jerry World.

So will this clash live up to its epic billing? The last time two teams this highly ranked -- No. 3 Oregon; No. 4 LSU -- opened on a neutral field was in 1984, when No. 4 Miami beat No. 1 Auburn the Kickoff Classic at Giants Stadium.

Meanwhile, the game is playing with a backdrop of potential conference realignment and expansion: Is the Big 12 about to crumble and the Pac-12 get even bigger?

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott will shortly talk to reporters. Don't expect any breaking news, but know that Scott is and will be chatting with a lot of folks over the next week. Things might move quickly.

Or they might not.

But we do know these two teams move quickly. But who arrives first?