More on final play at USC

The USC-Utah game has featured the longest final play in football history.

Here's a clarification of the clarification of the explanation of why six points were added to USC's final tally, making the count 23-14 Trojans instead of 17-14 Trojans.

From the Pac-12 home office.

Statement from Tony Corrente, Pac-12 Coordinator of Football Officiating, regarding the final play in Saturday night's game at the Los Angeles Coliseum between USC and Utah, in which USC won 23-14.

"The final play of the game between USC and Utah was ruled properly and the touchdown did stand. There was a miscommunication between the officials and the press box that led to the confusion about the final score. We will make the appropriate adjustments to improve communication between on field officials and press box personnel so that we avoid any scoring issues in the future."

So there you have it. The final score was always 23-14, whether anyone knew that or not.