Pac-12 still fourth in conference rankings

ESPN Stats & Information still ranks the Pac-12 fourth in its Conference Power Rankings, but the Pac-16 East is moving up.

Er, that's the Big 12, which has eclipsed the SEC as the No. 1 conference in a system that equally weighs the AP poll and a compilation of available BCS computer rankings in order to determine which conference is the best and worst in the country.

There's a big gap at present between the Big 12 and the SEC and the other conferences -- more than 30 points. The Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC are separated by 2.4 points.

Here's the skinny on the Pac-12:

After finishing in second place in last season's final rankings, the Pac-12 is the fourth-ranked conference after three weeks of 2011. The Pac-12 went 5-4 in non-conference games this past weekend as UCLA, Arizona State, Washington and Washington State all lost. With no clear power-house coming out the Pac-12 South Division, the conference is in jeopardy of being jumped by the ACC or the Big East in upcoming weeks.