Momma, don't let your babies grow to be recruits

At some point soon, somebody should write a country song about Willie Lyles.

The latest story that will pop up when you Google the notorious recruiting Svengali: Former Tennessee -- and USC -- assistant Willie Mack Garza allegedly wired $1,500 in July 2009 to Willie Lyles to pay for running back prospect Lache Seastrunk and his mother, Evelyn, to fly to Knoxville for an unofficial recruiting trip, according to a Yahoo! Sports report.

You've heard of Lache Seastrunk, right?

Garza resigned as USC's secondary coach on Sept. 1, citing "personal issues unrelated to USC."

You think this had something to do with it?

Seastrunk signed with Oregon but opted to transfer to Baylor this season. Oregon's business with Lyles and Seastrunk is being investigated by the NCAA.

And so Tennessee joins Oregon and LSU with some Lyles exposure.

Ah, but we sort of knew there would be more chapters to this mystery, eh? What I enjoyed most was this quote to Yahoo! from Evelyn Seastrunk.

"I'm so sick and tired of this 'Willie Lyles said this and Willie Lyles said that," she said. "I don't care what Willie Lyles says. I don't care as long as my son is OK.

"Whatever undercover dirty stuff that they're doing, I'm pretty sure that Willie Lyles is not the only person. He's just the only one that's been caught. This is something that they've been doing forever."

You go, girl.

By the way, USC doesn't have exposure here but coach Lane Kiffin might because Garza worked for him at Tennessee when the alleged violation took place.