Not many changes in polls

The coaches seem to like Stanford more than the writers.

Just like last week, Stanford is ranked No. 4 in the coaches poll, but it fell a spot to No. 7 with the AP. That's not unfair, though, because Wisconsin earned the jump with a blowout win of Nebraska.

Oregon is ninth in both polls, moving up from 11th with the coaches during a bye week and staying the same with the AP. Arizona State is 22nd with the writers and 24th in the coaches poll. The Sun Devils were unranked by the coaches and 25th with the AP last week.

Washington's victory at Utah wasn't enough to push it into the polls. The Huskies were the equivalent of 28th in the AP poll among others getting votes and 31st with the coaches.

USC also received votes in the AP poll. It's not eligible for the coaches poll due to NCAA sanctions.

LSU is No. 1 with the AP. Oklahoma is No. 1 with the coaches. Alabama is No. 2 in both polls.