Another injury for Arizona State

What is for Arizona State is pretty good -- a 4-1 record, a 2-0 Pac-12 mark and a No. 22 national ranking.

But what might have been is hard to ignore, even now with the Sun Devils favorites to win the South Division.

The school announced another injury to a starter Tuesday: left tackle Evan Finkenberg, who is out indefinitely with a knee injury and will have surgery Wednesday.

Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic decide to illustrate just how ridiculous the Sun Devils injury situation has been.

The tally:

  • Eight starters have or will miss games.

  • Five backups have or will miss games.

  • We didn't include No. 3 QB Samson Szakacsy leaving the team.

  • Only one of the players included in the tally -- center Garth Gerhart -- is expected to return soon.

The Sun Devils are still capable of finishing the season ranked in the top-25 and playing for the Pac-12 title on Dec. 2.

But if you merely cut these injuries in half -- say four starters out and two backups -- this might be a top-10 team.