Oregon-Washington first quarter: The Ducks O is still fancy

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

EUGENE, Ore. -- Thoughts from the first quarter ...

Deja vu.

The Oregon offense is either very good (again) or the Washington defense is very bad (again).

The first quarter was all about the O's O.

The Ducks gained 151 yards and jumped to a 14-0 lead with big plays, looking faster and more poised than the feckless Huskies, who only produced 31 yards.

Jeremiah Johnson looked fully recovered from a knee injury when he ran 44 yards to the Huskies 4-yard line.

And QB Justin Roper surely appreciated Terence Scott turning a short slant route into a 60-yard touchdown. That sort of thing does wonders for a QB's stats.

The Huskies, meanwhile, were bumbling and fumbling and shanking punts and didn't cross midfield.