Streaking! Brawling! Arizona wins!

From a sports entertainment perspective, Arizona's 48-12 beatdown of UCLA was awful.

While Wildcats fans certainly enjoyed it -- and deserved it after watching 10 consecutive defeats to FBS foes -- the Bruins' utter lack of resistance was embarrassing for the program and for coach Rick Neuheisel.

And it looked like, by the way, the Bruins got the worst of it in the pre-halftime brawl, which started -- strangely -- just after a streaker dashed onto the field dressed as an official and then was tackled, arrested and will certainly disappear back into the complete anonymity from which he came. Only now with a record. Congrats.

Streakers and brawls break up the droning of a bad football game -- hey, look at that! -- but they also produce ramifications.

Arizona cornerback Shaquille Richardson and UCLA receiver Taylor Embree, son of Colorado coach Jon Embree, were ejected for committing flagrant personal fouls. Both will face suspensions, and the Pac-12 likely will hand out more when it reviews game film.

From the Arizona Daily Star:

According to the NCAA rule book, if video review "of a game by a conference reveals plays involving flagrant personal fouls that game officials did not call, the conference may impose sanctions prior to the next scheduled game."

Translation: If video review finds players who threw punches or players that left the bench, those players might not be in uniform next week. Also, according to the rule book, players ejected because of a flagrant personal foul "shall automatically initiate a video review for possible additional sanctions before the next scheduled game."

Richardson, you might recall, originally signed with UCLA but left the program after he and fellow incoming freshmen, receiver Paul Richardson and linebacker Josh Shirley were arrested for suspicion of felony theft after allegedly stealing a student's bag on campus. Paul Richardson transferred to Colorado, Shirley to Washington. UCLA could use all three, by the way.

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